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Saturday Webinar #1: The Basics to Getting Search Engine Traffic For Your Drop Shipping Business

Are you starting a drop shipping business? The PROs tell you that you have to have a $1,000 budget to spend on Facebook ads and paid ads. In fact, if you look at some of the top drop shipping websites, they actually do very little on their own search engine optimization. Here is what we'll cover in this half-hour webinar:

  • Link building: What you need to do to get links to help you improve in search engine positioning.
  • On-Page Optimization: We'll show you the basics of smart product categorization, title tags, meta descriptions, and product description length. We'll also show you the basics of creating search engine friendly URLs so that your categories and products will rank. 
  • PPC Tactics: We'll show you how you can use a small paid search budget to see what your best SEO keywords could be.

Disclaimer: This webinar is FREE. However, we do ask that you tell your friends about our services. This is how we keep these free webinars available to you at no cost. 

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