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About Us

Welcome to SEO Gone Wild. 

SEO Services for Small Businesses

We are a small SEO company that offers affordable SEO services for small businesses all over the country. We believe that small businesses should have access to fast, affordable SEO services that are delivered quickly and efficiently. For example, if you order a blog piece or a set of backlinks from one of those "SEO brokers," you often have to wait as long as two weeks to get your content. We have an "affordable SEO" section of our website with $100 services that are delivered in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. 

Some businesses want to totally put their SEO company in the driver's seat and are looking for more holistic approach to outsourcing their marketing. This is where we work with you side-by-side each month delivering what you need for your website. We call these "managed SEO services," because this service is a one-stop shop for everything you need for a complete SEO strategy. If you want a monthly Google Ads or Facebook Ads management service, that is quoted separately and can be added to any managed SEO package. 

SEO Services for Agencies

We have unique partnerships with marketing agencies and freelancers. Our ideal SEO client is someone that has a smaller budget. But we do get leads for all sizes of businesses. Over the years, we've developed a unique model for selling leads to agencies. We do more than just "sell leads," however. Our "SEO Leads Service" does the following:

  • We get you the contact information for the leads that you need, including phone number and valid email address.
  • We pull ALL of the requisite SEO data, including Moz DA, organic traffic metrics, and keyword data.
  • We also put the data into a deck so that you can have selling points for each prospect that we send you, which we like to call a "sales micro-strategy." 
  • Lastly, we offer you a FREE CONSULT to review the leads and give you some opportunities to help you understand them and how to effectively close them. 

SEO and Digital Marketing Coaching

This is something that we are proud to do. We believe that if you teach a person how to fish, they will have success throughout their lifetime. As a small business owner, you may not have a huge budget for SEO, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. Over time, you may want to have someone do these for you, or you might want to learn how to do them on your own. To give you an example of a track record of success, we'll tell you a little bit more about OUR website. We took this website online in January of 2023. We've done some link building (not very much), but have done a lot of work on creating pages and content on our website. We really pushed SEO changes to the site at the end of March 2023 and have tripled our traffic in two months!

Our coaching and courses teach you how to do these things yourself. We've helped people develop rank and rent sites without having to spend a tremendous amount of money. We've also helped e-commerce stores start to get sales within a few months. 




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