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About Us

We've been in the SEO industry long enough to know that it's complicated and when you hire someone, they don't always do a very good job. We've also seen the ridiculous site audits that are too detailed to understand or they tell us things that aren't necessarily useful, like "your site doesn't have a favicon." We wanted to help people improve their website and marketing efforts so they can get the most out of their website possible. 

We've saved some business owners from some pretty hairy situations. For example, we've gotten some of our client's websites re-indexed and have coached them on reversing some of the worst penalties Google can throw at them. 

We specialize in making sure that your website is primed for Google. If you spend an hour with us, it is the best hour of your time that money can buy. We'll help you find the right keywords for your website and show you how to structure your site accordingly. 

We can also help you with your Facebook ads or Google PPC. We also have an affinity for the drop shipping space. We can help you get your products ranking and show you how to correctly categorize your store so that you get the best rankings possible. 

Where our services are truly helpful is if you're considering investing a large amount of money with an SEO agency. We'll be happy to walk you through that stack of proposals and help you make the right choice. If you are currently working with an SEO agency, we'll help you to make sure that the job gets done correctly.

Browse our list of audit and consultation services. We don't want to do SEO, but we can help advise you on making the right choice.