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Aged solar leads are potential customers who have shown interest in solar energy installation in the past, but for some reason disengaged. These leads may have requested for information or quotes, and yet haven't been converted into sales.

When you buy aged solar leads, you get access to homeowners that may want to renew their interest in working with a solar installer.

The age of these leads can vary from several months to no longer than a year. Despite being older, these leads still hold significant value for solar companies, as they represent consumers who have already shown an interest in solar products and may simply need additional nurturing or a fresh approach to finalize a deal.

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Buy Aged Solar Leads

Why Are Aged Solar Leads A Good, Affordable Solution for Solar Installation Companies?

A new solar lead costs a lot for your company to go out and acquire. If you acquire your solar leads via FB or Google Ads with your own internal marketing, you may be spending $15 to $100 per lead, depending upon the geography and other demographics. An aged solar lead is much more affordable. These people are qualified for solar installation, as they are homeowners and live in an area that allows solar panel installation. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing aged solar leads:

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Aged solar leads are typically less expensive than fresh leads because they are older and have been marketed to before. This makes them a more cost-effective solution for solar businesses, particularly for those on a tight budget.
  2. Untapped Potential: Even though these leads have been marketed to previously, they haven't been converted yet. This means there's still an opportunity to close a sale. The prospect might not have been ready to make a purchase at the time, but circumstances may have changed, creating a potential customer.
  3. Increased Conversion Rates: Over time, aged leads can provide better conversion rates. This is because prospects who didn't buy right away may have been doing more research or saving money for a purchase, making them more ready to buy when you reach out.
  4. High ROI: Given their lower cost and the higher conversion rate potential, aged solar leads can deliver an impressive return on investment. It's an efficient way to boost sales without a large upfront cost.
  5. Easy Follow-ups: As these are people who have shown interest in the past, reaching out to them might be easier than targeting new prospects. They already have some knowledge and interest in solar products, which simplifies the marketing process.
  6. Data Enrichment: Aged leads also offer valuable data. Analyzing these leads can provide insights into the reasons why a prospect didn’t make a purchase initially, which can inform future marketing and sales strategies.
  7. Larger Pool: Purchasing aged solar leads allows companies to have a broader base of potential customers. The more leads a business has, the more opportunities they have to make sales.
  8. Opportunity for Re-engagement: Aged solar leads present a chance to re-engage customers who have shown previous interest, potentially reigniting their curiosity or desire for a product they were previously considering.

What Kind of Aged Solar Leads Can You Buy?

Our aged solar leads are very rich in terms of data. You can get access to:

  • Leads that are homeowners, not renters.
  • Email address or phone number.
  • Credit score range.
  • Net worth and annual income.
  • Ethnicity
  • Language spoken
  • Whether or not they are a political donor.

Aged solar leads have had more time to consider the decision and might be more ready to proceed when contacted. With live leads, they may still be in the information gathering stage and not ready to commit. With aged leads, the competition is usually less as most companies pursue fresh leads. This can increase your chance of converting the lead into a sale.

Aged solar leads tend to be more cost effective. Buying leads in bulk that are a few months old is often cheaper than purchasing real-time leads. The leads may have developed a greater need for the product over time, which can increase the chances of closing a deal.

The lead's situation might have changed to favor your offering, such as a rise in energy costs, making your solar solution more appealing. Also, with aged leads, you can plan and manage your outreach better because there is no immediate pressure to follow up the moment they come in. You can study the lead, personalize your approach and maximize your chances of success.

Note: Our aged solar leads are data appended and researched to include their other data points.

How Can You Use Aged Solar Leads Bought from SEO Gone Wild?

Acquiring aged solar leads offers numerous opportunities for creative and resourceful marketing strategies. Having access to an aged list with email addresses means you could utilize these contacts in developing effective cold email marketing campaigns. Although these individuals might have shown interest in solar products in the past, they have not converted into sales.

However, that does not discount the potential of securing business in the future. By drafting well-composed, personalized emails that promote your unique value propositions, addressing frequently asked questions about solar technology, or highlighting customer testimonials and successful case studies, you can renew their interest and possibly sway them into becoming customers.

One major advantage of having this type of detailed data like the name, phone number, and address of these leads is that it provides numerous touch points. For instance, this data can be utilized in creating call-in leads. One such method is uploading the phone numbers to platforms like Google Ads or Facebook ads, which possess extensive advertising networks that reach billions of people. Google Ads is one platform that can cater to multiple strategies – display, search, video, shopping and app ads, each having its pros and cons and relevance based on the specific objectives. Similarly, Facebook also has numerous ways to display ads such as in newsfeeds, stories, videos, in-stream, messages, etc. It is recommended to leverage both platforms to maximize reach and hence the possibility of conversions.

Additionally, phone numbers can be used to drive a calling campaign where your team directly reaches out to the individuals on the list, while also recording the progress for future follow-ups. This strategy provides an immediate connection and makes it easier to manage their objections in real-time. With well-crafted scripts, you can drive their interest in your products or services, ultimately securing their conversion.

The availability of physical addresses on an aged list gives you an opportunity to engage with direct mail marketing campaigns. The effectiveness of direct mail may vary greatly with the audience's demographics and the message delivered. Thus, an attractive mailer designed to educate the consumer on the cost-saving benefits of solar technology might be more appealing than a simple sales pitch. By sending well-targeted mailers with compelling offers, eye-catching designs, and relevant messaging, you stand a better chance of driving interest and perhaps even spurring these leads into taking the next step towards a purchase.

Purchasing aged solar leads is more than just having a list of potential customers. With a targeted and personalized approach, these aged leads can indeed turn into a gold mine of opportunities for any solar company willing to implement these tactics. So, whether you choose to employ email campaigns, leverage digital advertising platforms or carry out direct mail marketing, aged solar leads provide a great foundation from which to scale your marketing efforts.

How Are Aged Solar Leads from SEO Gone Wild Maintained Over Time?

Data hygiene is a crucial element when dealing with aged solar leads. Maintaining and keeping track of your leads' data is essential for ensuring accurate communication and sales strategies.

An important step in maintaining data hygiene is regularly updating and maintaining the contact list. Over time, people change their phone numbers, emails, or even residential addresses, hence outdated contact information can lead to wastage of time, resources and missed opportunities.

Lead list hygiene also involves removing leads with poor credit limits, undesirable incomes, or other qualifications that make them unsuitable prospects for solar installations. Keeping unqualified leads not only increases your lead volume unnecessarily but also paints an inaccurate picture of potential market size.

To ensure quality, data validation must be performed on leads. This could involve checking that telephone numbers and email addresses are valid and that the physical addresses correspond to real properties.

Remember, aged solar leads may need different nurturing strategies compared to new leads. With time, people’s circumstances and attitudes can change - someone who initially showed no interest in installing solar panels might be more receptive now due to increasing energy prices or new environmental concerns. However, the responsibility of lead nurturing typically falls on the buyer.

Data hygiene with aged solar leads involves regular cleanup and validation, removing unqualified leads and adjusting the sales strategies according to the leads' age. These best practices in managing leads data will ensure higher conversions and more efficient operations.

Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Bought Aged Solar Leads

 Here are some tips to get the most out of your aged Solar Leads that you purchase from SEO Gone Wild. 

  1. Segment Your Leads: Separate your aged leads from new leads. Since the conversion chances for aged leads might be lower, the strategies for each of these categories should differ. You need a dedicated strategy to awaken interest and awareness among these leads again.
  2. Research: Even though you might have basic details about your aged leads, conducting more research can reveal the current needs and wants of your target lead, which can make your approach more effective. This may also reveal a renewed need for solar products, which will give you an angle to approach from.
  3. Personalized Communication: Customize your communication for each aged solar lead, showing how you can provide specific solutions to their current needs. With advancements in digital marketing and social media, you can do more personalized and targeted advertisements.
  4. Reiterate Benefits: In cold-calling or emailing, be sure to bring the benefits of solar technology to the forefront. Showcase any new technology or incentives available that can make the prospect attractive for them.
  5. Offer Incentives: To engage the aged leads, incentives or promotional offers could be introduced. These could be discounts on solar equipment, special rates for installations, or a free assessment of their energy needs.
  6. Reassure Support: Communicate clearly about the after-sale service, warranty, and quality assurance to counteract any potential concerns. Show that your company has the capability and resources to handle any technical issues post-installation.
  7. Google/Facebook Ads: Use the data from aged solar leads to run re-targeted advertisements on Google and Facebook. The audience for these ads should be chosen wisely using insights from the existing lead database. For instance, you can use geographic location, age range, interests, etc. to fine-tune the targeting of the ads.
  8. Content Marketing: Utilize educational content that highlights the advantages and developments in solar energy technology. Share this content through social media, emails or blog posts.
  9. Follow-up Strategy: Develop a regular follow-up strategy. Touch base periodically without pestering them, using a variety of channels – email, calls, ads or direct mail.
  10. Nurture Relationship: If they’re not ready to convert now, continue to build the relationship. Keep sending helpful and relevant information, ask for referrals and stay at the top of their mind for when they’re ready to make the switch to solar.

How To Close Your Aged Solar Leads

The art of closing solar leads, particularly aged leads, often proves to be a tricky venture. Even for experienced sales teams, fostering relationships with potential clients that might have lost interest or have become skeptical can present significant challenges. Here are some strategies to re-engage and ultimately close aged solar leads in the most effective manner.

First, reassess the lead and learn from past interactions. Gather and evaluate as much information about your potential client's interactions with your organization, be it email exchanges, phone calls, or any meetings. Scrutinize their concerns, needs, and goals as well as the previous offers you had proposed. Understanding these elements can aid in tailoring an engaging approach that demonstrates to the leads how your solar solutions will provide a valuable return on investment.

Timing and persistence play a crucial role in re-approaching aged leads. However, your strategy needs to go beyond simply repeating your original offer. Develop a revised pitch by highlighting new product developments or modifications, improved financing options, or fresh incentives like local or federal tax benefits for installing solar. Also, consider incorporating emerging trends in the solar industry and the environmental benefits, reinforcing the value and urgency of solar adoption.

Utilizing multichannel communications can prove particularly effective when dealing with aged solar leads. A mixture of email, direct calls, social media interactions, or even personalized videos can not only demonstrate your commitment to catering to their needs but also provide varied ways of presenting your value proposition.

Adopting a consultative selling approach may make the re-engagement more fruitful. Instead of simply trying to make a sale, this strategy involves you becoming an advisor who seeks to understand the customer's situation fully before proposing a solution. For instance, educate your leads on how switching to solar can lead to significant savings in their energy bills or increase property values, and discuss their hesitations openly.

Re-engaging aged solar leads can benefit from the leverage of testimonials and case studies. When possible, share success stories of previous clients who are happy with their decision to switch to solar. These testimonials work to build trust, mitigate concerns, and strengthen the overall credibility of your brand. Case studies demonstrating the real-world application and benefits of your product will serve to strengthen the argument for solar and make it more tangible for leads.

When trying to close aged solar leads, building trust is fundamental. Showing sincerity and patience can prove to be significant in building relationships that could turn a skeptic lead into a ready client. Don't rush your leads; rather, demonstrate that you're more interested in helping them find the right solution than simply closing the sale. 

How Aged Solar Leads From SEO Gone Wild Can Help Grow Your Solar Business

Solar companies face a unique challenge when it comes to driving business growth. To succeed, these companies need to not only attract potential customers but also persuade them to adopt a technology that, while increasingly popular, remains unfamiliar to many people. This is where solar leads come into the picture, especially aged solar leads, which can be a strategic asset for growing a solar company.

Solar leads are essentially potential customers who have shown interest in installing solar power systems. These leads are usually captured through various marketing efforts like online advertisements, direct mail campaigns, and telemarketing. Aged solar leads, on the other hand, are leads that were generated some time ago, usually a few weeks or months old.

A common assumption among many businesses is that fresher leads are more valuable as the chances of conversion are high. However, in the case of a high-investment and high-consideration decision such as switching to solar power, many potential customers might need time to evaluate the proposition. Therefore, older leads, who have been considering solar power for a while and evaluating various options, are likely to be closer to a purchase decision.

Moreover, acquiring aged solar leads can be more cost-effective. As these leads have not been immediately converted, many companies consider them as 'cold' leads and therefore, the price drops. Buying these less competitive and less expensive leads provide solar companies with a large volume of potential customers at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, aged solar leads often represent a large segment of the market that hasn't yet been penetrated. Since the conversion with fresh leads did not take place initially, these leads may still be undecided, looking for a better deal, or just in need of a nudge to make the leap to solar power. Therefore, a tailored follow-up approach can convert these aged leads into actual sales.

In this scenario, customer relationship management is crucial. Solar companies need to demonstrate empathy, patience, and perseverance in engaging with these leads. The fact that a lead has been cold for some time doesn't mean it has lost its potential. On the contrary, a skilled salesperson can engage these leads with personalized proposals, effectively addressing their specific concerns and hurdles preventing them from making a decision.

Re-engaging aged leads also provides an opportunity to present potential customers with new industry updates or promotional incentives that weren't available during the initial contact. Technological advances or new tax incentives might turn an undecided lead into a customer ready to make a purchase.

Lastly, nurturing aged solar leads also serves as an excellent way to build a company's reputation and brand image. By showing potential customers that they're more than just a number and that the company is willing to maintain contact over a longer period, businesses demonstrate their commitment to providing a top-tier service.

For instance, solar companies can send informative emails, engage on social media, or hold webinars to rekindle the interest of the aged leads. This approach establishes the company as a thought leader and builds trust with potential customers.

In conclusion, while many businesses overlook aged leads in favor of fresher ones, these seemingly dormant opportunities can offer a high return on investment when managed strategically. Through effective communication and consistent follow-ups, solar companies can transform aged leads into valuable customers. Additionally, aged solar leads help the company extend its market reach and improve brand image. Therefore, aged solar leads play a vital role in helping a solar company expand and achieve sustainable business growth.



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