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Free Google Disavow Tool

Use this spreadsheet to prepare your disavow list

Free Disavow Tool

How To Use This Tool: 

A disavow is a process used in search engine optimization (SEO) to tell search engines not to consider certain links pointing to your website when evaluating your website's ranking in search results.

Here are the steps to follow to do a disavow:

  1. Identify the links you want to disavow: You can use a tool such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to identify the links pointing to your website that you want to disavow.

  2. Create a list of the links: Once you've identified the links you want to disavow, create a list of them in a text file. You'll need to list the links one per line, starting with "domain:" and then the domain name (e.g., "") if you want to disavow all links from a particular domain.

  3. Upload the list to Google Search Console: Sign in to your Google Search Console account and go to the Disavow Links tool. Select your website, and then click the "Disavow Links" button. Upload the text file containing the list of links you want to disavow.

  4. Confirm the disavow: Google will show you a warning message before you submit the disavow file. Make sure you have reviewed the links on the file and they are the ones you want to disavow. If you are sure, click the "Submit" button to confirm the disavow.

It's important to note that disavowing links should be a last resort after attempting to have the links removed manually. Also, be cautious when disavowing links as it can have a negative impact on your website's rankings if done incorrectly.

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