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Timeshare Owner Leads for Sale

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Get Access to Accurate/Updated Timeshare Owner Leads To Grow Your Timeshare Exit Company's Business 

Great for: Timeshare Exits | Timeshare Opt-Ins | Timeshare Resale| Timeshare Cancellation

Buy timeshare leads online. We have two different options. Our bulk timeshare leads (up to 12,000 in one purchase), contain the resort name, two phone numbers, two contact names, and other information. Our BULK timeshare database has the name, mailing address, and phone number of over 1,000,000 timeshare owners from across the United States. You will get the timeshare list immediately after your purchase.

Timeshare Leads give you access to a direct pool of potential customers. With their contact information, you can employ multiple marketing strategies to reach them. This is an effective method to skip over leads with low conversion potential and target those with higher chances of success. Are you looking for a certain number of leads FAST?

All Timeshare Owner Leads (not including our database of 1,000,000 timeshare owners) Include Up to Two Owner Names, Two Phone Numbers, and the Lead's Zip Code/City So You Can Coordinate Your Call Schedule

We try to price our timeshare owner leads fairly. ALL of your timeshare owner leads will be from the last two to three years. Compare our timeshare owner leads to (starting at $.18 per lead) Our preferred pricing for our timeshare owner leads is $.05/lead. Here is the deed of a lead you might get (we don't get the deed). However, certain discounts for bulk orders can apply. Our best buy is a bulk order of 12,000 timeshare owner leads. You can use these timeshare owner leads in your call center, Google Ads campaigns, and Facebook Ads campaigns. 

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Timeshare Owner Leads for Sale

Are you in need of bulk leads for Timeshare Owners in the USA from various Timeshare resorts? Whether you're looking to close deals, create listings, or promote timeshare offerings, you've come to the right place.

Note: We have a list of owners attached to a resort with phone numbers AND a list of owners with all their home information and no resort info attached. 

What Your Timeshare Owner Lead Report Includes: 

  • Names of Up To Timeshare Owners
  • Up To Two Phone Numbers
  • Names of the Timeshare Resorts
  • Timeshare¬†Location County & State Names

The timeshare leads database of over 1,000,000 timeshare owners has 1,000,000 records. The database does not include the resort name. All other pricing options contain the resort name.

You will get timeshare leads from the following resorts: 

  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Wyndham
  • Bluegreen
  • Westgate
  • Diamond
  • Hyatt

Why you should choose our timeshare owner leads.

  • 100% guaranteed owner leads
  • Leads are generated from clerk of court documents.¬†
  • Flexible turnaround time, within five business days.¬†
  • You can get access to leads from over thirty states.
  • Upon request, timeshare owner leads will be within the last four years.¬†

How We Generate Our Timeshare Owner Leads 

We generate our leads using a proprietary process. We vet the physical location of timeshare owners in vacation hotspots throughout the country, ranging from Florida and California to Missouri and the Ozarks. We look for a few preliminary pieces of information when we vet our timeshare owner leads:

- We look for timeshare deeds in the records of various counties throughout the states we scout. We find names and other relevant information on the deed to go through the rest of the process.

- After we find the name of the owner and the phone numbers of the timeshare owner, we go through a reverse lookup process where we try and find the physical location of the owner when they are not using their timeshare. If we get you a California timeshare owner, they could have their regular residential address in another state. Using this process helps you get accurate location information so that you can physically call the person at a correct time, so your timezones sync up. 

What can you do with our timeshare leads for sale?

Have you been on the hunt for timeshare leads to give your marketing campaigns the boost they need? Well, look no further because we have timeshare leads for sale that will take your business to the next level.

First and foremost, our timeshare leads can be uploaded to Google or Facebook for paid marketing campaigns. This means you can use these leads to create targeted ads and reach a wider audience. With Google and Facebook's advanced targeting options, you can tailor your ads to reach people who are actively searching for timeshares or are interested in similar topics.

If paid marketing isn't your style, our timeshare leads are also perfect for direct mail campaigns. Create postcards or letters that are targeted specifically to the demographics of your leads and watch your response rates soar. Direct mail is a tried-and-true method of marketing that can yield fantastic results, especially when combined with a solid lead list. Direct mail location addresses are available upon request and include an extra charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our timeshare leads for sale and watch your marketing campaigns flourish. With so many possibilities for utilizing these leads, the possibilities for growing your business are endless.

Why are timeshare leads valuable for your business? 

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, companies are in a constant pursuit of fresh avenues to maximize profits. One such hidden treasure lies within the realm of timeshare lead lists ‚Äď an unconventional yet undeniably profitable source that holds the key to unlocking unprecedented business growth. By delving into the realm of timeshare lead lists, companies can uncover a plethora of opportunities and cultivate long-term success. In this creative piece, we will explore the myriad reasons why timeshare lead lists can prove to be exceptionally profitable for any business willing to embrace their untapped potential.

1. Timeshare Owner Leads High Conversion Rates:

Timeshare lead lists comprise individuals who recently bought a timeshare property. These prospects are likely thinking twice about their purchase. By targeting these individuals, businesses can greatly reduce the time, effort, and resources traditionally required to generate qualified leads. This heightened conversion rate serves as a direct gateway to increased profitability, as sales cycles become shorter and revenue streams flourish. Because these people bought a timeshare within the last two years, you are much more likely to find people wanting to exit.

2. Our Time Share Owner Leads Are Known For Their Cost-Effectiveness:

Crafting targeted marketing campaigns can often be a challenging and costly endeavor. However, with timeshare lead lists, businesses can dramatically cut down on marketing expenses. These lists act as prequalified databases that already segment potential customers based on their preferences, income levels, and interests. By capitalizing on these valuable insights, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts specifically to their desired audience, thereby reducing wasteful expenditures on generic mass campaigns. The inherent cost-effectiveness of timeshare lead lists presents businesses with an opportunity to invest their marketing budgets more efficiently, channeling resources towards maximizing their profitability.

3. Timeshare Owner Leads Are Known For Their Market Penetration:

Every industry operates within its unique sphere, often isolated from other sectors. Timeshare lead lists provide an effective bridge for businesses to enter previously untapped markets. By accessing comprehensive lists that showcase the preferences, demographics, and behavior of potential buyers, companies can effortlessly explore and exploit markets that may have remained hidden otherwise. This enables businesses to diversify their customer base, extend their reach, and establish a competitive edge over their industry counterparts. The enhanced market penetration facilitated by timeshare lead lists equips businesses with the power to expand their profit margins significantly.

4. Retain Your Timeshare Owner Leads Enhanced Customer Retention:

A business's true profitability lies in its ability to nurture and retain customers for the long haul. Timeshare lead lists possess an inherent potential for developing strong customer relationships that transcend initial sales. By using these lists to identify clients interested in timeshares, businesses can personalize their services and deliver exceptional customer experiences tailored to each individual's needs and desires. The result is heightened customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and a greater potential for word-of-mouth referrals, thereby amplifying profits organically.

Timeshare Owner Leads Can Be Used For Other Marketing Efforts

Timeshare Leads for Sale are an effective way to reach a large pool of potential customers. Not only are they perfect for timeshare marketing, but can also be used to reach out to customers for travel companies, cruises, concerts, and more. With these leads, you can maximize your outreach and maximize your ROI.

Get the best leads for your timeshare business with our robust selection of leads for sale. Utilize your leads to get the most out of your marketing efforts, with compatibility for uploading to Facebook, Google Ads, and other online platforms. Reach more people and maximize your potential for success.

How Our Timeshare Owner Leads Compare to Other Vendors

Consumer Timeshare Lead Generation Databases

 Company Price Comparison
Leads Campus $100/month

1. Self-Lead Generation Management
2. Leads are not validated as actual timeshare owners or updated regularly.
3. Leads are available to other timeshare exit buyers.
4. Email and phone numbers are not validated on a regular basis.
5. You export your own leads and generate CSV file appropriate for your autodialer. 

Salesfully $29/month

1. Self-Lead Generation Management
2. Leads are not validated as actual timeshare owners or updated regularly.
3. Leads are available to other timeshare exit buyers.
4. Email and phone numbers are not validated on a regular basis.
5. You export your own leads and generate CSV file appropriate for your autodialer. 

Real-Time Timeshare Lead Opt-In Companies

  • Minimum Price typically starts at $10 per lead.
  • While leads are good, many leads are resold to timeshare exit companies, so you are competing with other bids. Leads are not always exclusive.¬†
  • Timeshare leads cannot be used in a marketing format for your FB or Google Ads campaigns, as they are real time and the volume is typically small.

Timeshare Owner Leads from SEO Gone Wild

  • Generated from Timeshare Deed records created within the last four years.
  • Predictive algorithm finds leads by value that may indicate a likelihood that a person is willing to exit.¬†
  • Phone numbers are verified to match current timeshare owner.
  • Note: Email and mailing address may be requested, but there may be an additional cost.
  • We can get your lead cost down considerably low when you buy in bulk.¬†



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