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Free On-Page SEO Template

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Free On-Page SEO Template

Save Time and Rank Higher On Google

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Use This Template To:

  • Organize your on-page SEO strategy and keep all of the pages of your website organized in one easy-to-use spreadsheet.
  • Coordinate your pages with keywords and their related keywords.
  • Implement the best SEO practices onto all the pages of your website.
  • Track targeting, changes, and results, all in one place.
  • Perfect your pages in just one pass.

How To Use This SEO On-Page Template

When you create new pages on your website, this spreadsheet helps you organize all the pages that you are trying to rank for! Simply input your URL, keyword(s), h-tags, and copy onto this page. You can also specify other things, such as images you want to use and alt attributes for those images.

When you want to add new pages to your website, just send this document over to your webmaster and have them make the desired changes. Simply "copy" this document into your Google Drive, save any revisions hat you might need, and you'll be ready to go.

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