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Programmatic SEO Course

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 This course takes 13 to 20 hours and teaches you the basics of programmatic SEO. 

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Programmatic SEO Course

This Programmatic SEO Course offers a comprehensive introduction to Search Engine Optimization. Learn the basics of keyword research, build pages in Shopify and WordPress, and access curated videos for further learning. Additionally, gain the knowledge to stress test your SEO website using a small budget paid ads strategy, and learn the techniques to calculate the number of pages needed and estimated traffic from your keywords list.


Learn how to do keyword research

Learn how to optimize your programmatic SEO website with our comprehensive Programmatic SEO Course. Our course covers everything you need to know, such as how to do keyword research and analyze relevant data to improve your SEO ranking. Get the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition!

Learn how to build dynamic pages without a whole lot of effort. 

Discover how to generate and manage SEO content at scale with our Programmatic SEO Course. Learn to use tools like Google Sheets, Shopify, and WordPress to build large numbers of pages dynamically. Be equipped with the skills to effectively optimize content for success.

Learn how to stress test your website and do remarketing with paid traffic channels

Learn to leverage remarketing and dynamic search ads to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns with this programmatic SEO course. Figure out how well your website will convert and more – get the know-how to take your campaigns to the next level.

Learn calculations that will help you build the right number of pages to attract the visitors that you want each month

Take your SEO strategy to the next level with our Programmatic SEO Course. Featuring calculations to help you determine accurate traffic and page numbers, you can optimize your content more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Get the insights you need to improve your SEO and start driving more web traffic today.



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