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SEO Leads For: Freelancers | Agencies | SEO Consultants | SEO Resellers | Content Writers

For agencies and freelancers. Buy carefully researched SEO leads by niche and specs that you pick. Can be used in emails or phone calls. 

SPECIAL: Purchase the email information of over 100,000 small business owners worldwide who have signed up for our email list. Less than $.01 per lead! Your report will include all data points that we have for the company. Only $500. 

How We Get Our Leads | Why Buy SEO Leads | How To Contact Your Leads | How Long To Close An SEO Lead

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Buy SEO Leads

Let's face it. Cold calling is a bitch. Not every agency, including ours, has $7 to buy every click that we need to get to find a qualified lead. We've pioneered the art of SEO lead generation. We have several in-house tools that we use to go find SEO leads by vertical. The problem with leads that you buy online are that they are often all over the place. One lead package that we bought had several different general verticals, nothing that was niche, and frankly, the websites were not ideal clients for us. We charge one flat rate per lead. Here is how our SEO lead buying process works:

  • You tell us how many leads you want to buy.
  • You tell us your customer sweet spot, in terms of yearly revenue, their industry, and what type of platform that they run their website on.
  • We go out, do the research, and find reputable contacts for you at companies that meet your lead buying criteria. If you want to buy SEO leads from SEO Gone Wild (don't worry, leads¬†found for OUR clients¬†do not end up in our CRM). Thats part of our promise not to compete with your agency.¬†
  • We also run some Google Ads campaigns and get clients that do not meet our own ideal customer profile. These aren't bad leads / they just have a monthly budget that exceeds our ability to fulfill. If you are looking for a unicorn, we do come across these from time to time and they might be a great fit for your agency.¬†
  • We have a¬†minimum¬†order of 10 leads.¬†
  • Our leads are generated through our own SEO work. We then research and use a wide variety of different methods, involving SEMrush, pulling information from other resources to make sure that we also have up-to-date contact information.¬†
  • We will NEVER sell you a lead for a business that already has a rockstar SEO strategy in place. We'll sell you an SEO lead that¬†actually needs SEO.¬†

How We Get Our SEO Leads for Sale

Step 1. - We have a significantly optimized site for SEO lead generation. From our email list signups and our contact forms, we match data from sources like LinkedIn. All of the leads we send you are clients that need a fully managed SEO service. We push a self-serve SEO service, and those people who want a fully managed SEO solution, we send them to you.

Step 2. - We validate our data. We pull Hubspot records, LinkedIn Data. We get you data about the company you will be working with. You'll know how much they make per year, their number of employees, and more.

Step 3. - We validate contact information. You have the phone number and email address of the contact. Not Sally who is sitting in the front office.

Step 4. - We painstakingly maintain our data. Every month, we update phone numbers, email addresses, and other records.

Step 5. - When you buy a lead from us, we delete it from our system. It's yours forever. 

SEO Leads for Sale Vs. Other Platforms

Platform Key Features Price 
 SEO Gone Wild
  • Real prospects that are sourced for YOUR needs based upon our proprietary method.
  • Leads are qualified for SEO services.
  • Flat Rate Price Per Lead
  • Minimum Order of 10

$25 to $30 / lead

$300 for 10 leads.

$1250 for 50 leads. 

Google Ads
  • Cost can vary between $40 and $90 for an SEO lead.
  • You need the expertise in-house to optimize and manage PPC.
  • Other costs associate with admin.¬†

$40 for a lead.

Admin & Management fees (if you use an agency or pursue an in-house solution.

Lead Pot 
  • Packages: Starting at $599.
  • You pay their commission for leads!
  • Some research and prospecting.¬†
  • You end up paying about $120 for their "one to two prospects."¬†

 $120 per leaads

$599 for their basic package with "4 to 5 prospects."
  • $30 per lead.
  • Expensive subscription required.¬†
  • Leads are not so exclusive.¬†
  • Application required.¬†


Why should you buy SEO Leads?

If you have a smaller marketing budget for your agency, you might not be able to afford Google or Facebook ads. Buying leads gets you more affordable access to leads and the following benefits: 

  1. Targeted audience: SEO leads are typically generated from individuals or businesses that have shown an interest in SEO services. By purchasing these leads, you can access a more targeted audience, which can increase the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

  2. Time-saving: Generating SEO leads can be a time-consuming process. By buying SEO leads, you can save time and resources, as you can get access to a ready-made list of potential clients.

  3. Increased revenue: If you are successful in converting SEO leads into paying customers, it can lead to an increase in revenue for your business.

What Should You Do With Purchased SEO Leads?

If you buy leads, there are a couple of different ways that you can monetize these. Here are some potential ideas:

- Enter them into your CRM right away. 

- Send these people a quick SEO audit to let them know that you have looked at their website and that there is room for improvement. 

- Call these people on a Wednesday or Thursday in the afternoon as their workday is starting to wind down.

How are OUR leads different?

Trust us, we've bought leads before and have been greatly disappointed. The contact information is often outdated, they already might have taken their own SEO in house, or frankly, they weren't the right-sized client for our agency. Here is how our leads are different:

- We actually have sales notes on our leads in the spreadsheet that we send you. WE know how well these websites rank, know where their lowest hanging fruits, and what these businesses are all about. You have sales notes! You can actually call these people and talk actionably with them about what their website needs.

- Some leads might have multiple points of contact. Whether you get in touch with the CEO or the marketing manager, you will be able to find the right person with the credit card in the company to make the purchase.

- You can buy leads from somewhere else, but you won't have the data points and research that ours do. 

Why You Should Give Our Leads a Try (Because They Will Close) 

  1. Relevance: Our leads are 100% looking for SEO or other digital marketing services. 

  2. Intent: The lead should demonstrate a strong buying intent. They may show signs of readiness to make a purchase, such as searching for specific product features, price comparisons, or reviews. Leads who are further along in the buying process are more likely to convert. Our leads are GOING TO CONVERT in your sales pipeline. 

  3. High-quality traffic: The lead was obtained through high-quality traffic.

  4. Engagement: The lead was gained through a proprietary process and they are actively looking for SEO. 

How To Get Ahold of Your SEO Leads

Getting in touch with an SEO lead requires strategic timing and effective communication. Here's a guide to help you:

  1. Best Time of Day to Call:
    • Generally, it's best to call during business hours, between 9 AM and 5 PM, when the person is likely to be at their desk.
    • Mid-morning or early afternoon is often preferable, as people are usually settled into their workday by then.
  2. How to Follow Up in Email:
    • Subject Line: Craft a compelling subject line that is relevant to their business and captures their attention.
    • Introduction: Begin with a polite and concise introduction, mentioning where and how you obtained their contact information.
    • Personalization: Personalize the email by referencing their business or recent achievements.
    • Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the value you can bring to their business.
    • Call to Action: Include a clear and concise call to action.
    • Contact Information: Provide your contact information and assure them that you're available for any questions or further discussion.
  3. LinkedIn Outreach:
    • Connect with them on LinkedIn and send a personalized message expressing your interest in discussing how SEO can benefit their business.
    • Engage with their posts or content to establish familiarity and demonstrate your genuine interest in their industry.
  4. Follow-Up Calls:
    • If you've left a voicemail or sent an email and haven't received a response, a follow-up call can be effective.
    • Be persistent but not pushy. Leave another polite voicemail or send a brief follow-up email, reiterating your interest in helping with their SEO needs.
  5. Professionalism and Persistence:
    • Maintain a professional tone in all communications, and be persistent without becoming a nuisance.
    • Understand that responsiveness varies, and it might take multiple attempts to connect.

How Long Will It Take To Close an SEO Lead?

The time it takes to close an SEO lead can vary widely depending on several factors. Here are some key factors that influence the duration of closing an SEO lead:

  1. Lead Quality:
    • High-quality leads, those actively seeking SEO services or with a clear understanding of their needs, may close more quickly.
    • Low-quality leads, such as those with vague requirements or unclear goals, may take longer as additional discussions and education may be needed.
  2. Sales Cycle Length:
    • The sales cycle for SEO services can be relatively long. SEO is an ongoing process, and clients may take time to understand the long-term nature of the services.
    • Complex projects or enterprise-level contracts may have longer sales cycles compared to smaller businesses.
  3. Client Decision-Making Process:
    • The decision-making process within the client's organization can impact the closing time. If there are multiple decision-makers involved, it may take longer to reach a consensus.
    • Understanding the client's decision-making structure and addressing concerns at each level can expedite the process.
  4. Industry and Competition:
    • Industries with high competition or rapidly changing landscapes may have shorter sales cycles as businesses are more motivated to stay ahead.
    • In less competitive industries, businesses may take longer to make decisions as the urgency for SEO services may not be as immediate.
  5. Relationship Building:
    • Building a strong relationship with the lead is crucial. The more trust and rapport established, the faster the closing process.
    • Regular communication, providing valuable insights, and addressing concerns promptly can accelerate the trust-building process.
  6. Educational Requirements:
    • If the lead requires education on the benefits and processes of SEO, it may take additional time to provide the necessary information and address any concerns.
    • Clear and concise educational materials can help streamline this process.
  7. Proposal and Negotiation:
    • The time taken for proposal submission, negotiation, and agreement on terms can influence the closing time.
    • Flexibility and responsiveness during negotiation can contribute to a quicker resolution.
  8. External Factors:
    • Economic conditions, market trends, or unforeseen external factors can impact decision-making and lead to variations in closing times.



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