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SEO & Website Audit

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Learn About Our SEO Audit Checklist

Learn about how your website is doing by downloading our free checklist. Our template is unique because it looks at your website and accesses the most important ranking factors in Google.

Get Our SEO Audit Template

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Use Our SEO Audit Which Has Helped Businesses Increase Their Traffic By More than 100%

What Our SEO Audit Checks

  • Is the website's content secure and accessible?
  • Do search engines like the content of the website?
  • Does the link austerity (backlinks) of the website support good search engine rankings?
  • How does the website perform in terms of conversions?

How To Use Our SEO & Website Audit Checklist

  1. Download our checklist by clicking on the button above.
  2. Have your website open in another tab and download Screaming Frog so you can see all the pages of your website.
  3. Complete the audit by answering the questions on the spreadsheet.
  4. Take notes and have your content team and web developer implement any needed changes to your website.
  5. Get in touch with us if you need help completing the audit.
  6. Do you need us to do the audit? Book an audit with us today and use coupon code "SEO50" to save 50%!

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