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High DA Backlinks

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According to Gotch SEO, the number of backlinks DOES play an important part in your rankings. The more referring domains pointing to your website, the more likely you are to rank better. This package is designed to get you 5 high DA backlinks. How much are backlinks from FatJoe? You get ONE backlink for $129 and it takes TWO WEEKS to find. We can get you the backlinks that you need in 24 hours. 

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High DA Backlinks

Experience maximum link building results with our high DA backlink service. Get 5 DA70 links for your website within 24 hours and benefit from increased organic search rankings. Our professional service delivers the highest quality contextual links and achieves the best possible results.

How Do You Know How Many Backlinks You Need?

1. Check Out Moz's Free DA Checker.

2. Put in the URL of your competitor and their ranking page. The number of referring domains going to that page is the number of backlinks that you are going to need from SEO Gone Wild. 

3. Our 5 High DA Backlinks will help you start moving up in the rankings.

How Are SEO Gone Wild's High DA Backlinks Better?

When you order a backlink from FatJoe or the Hoth, you start out really low, with a DA of 20. It costs $129 (on average) to utilize these services and you only get one. It also takes two weeks to get your link. SEO happens slowly, but faster than two weeks. On average, a backlink can start impacting your website within one week. The faster you get your backlinks the better.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

Google's Webmaster Guidelines are very particular. If you are buying a backlink, it must use the sponsored content attribute. However, when you buy a backlink set from SEO Gone Wild, you are not actually buying the backlink. You are paying us to go out and get you a bunch of high quality backlinks to your website. 

Why Should You Use a Link Building Service Like This One? 

Many people use link building services for a wide variety of different reasons:

1. It saves time. To build one link, you need to plan for at least an hour to write the content, and several hours to find websites that will publish your backlink.

2. It saves money. You will likely, on average, pay someone $20 to $60 per hour to go out and find you backlinks. Our service uses a proprietary system to find suitable websites to get you placements.

3. You need the rankings. This link building service utilizes contextual content (placing your website on appropriate niches) to help you find the backlinks that you need. You will notice rankings improvements in the coming weeks after your links are placed.

How Does Your Backlink Building Process Work?

There are three stages of our backlink process that happens within 24 hours:

1. We get your inputs: You give us the desired keyword and URL on your website. 

2. We go find domains: We find websites that are suitable for your URL.

3. We send you a report: We send you a report showing you all the work that we have done. 

 Do You Need Backlinks for AI-Powered Search (Like ChatGPT and Google Bard/SGE?)

The short answer to this question is, "Yes." 

Do You Have Examples of How Backlinks Have Helped Specific Types of Businesses? 

Here is a business that is currently using our high DA backlinks package and they are on a monthly subscription. They have used us since the summer of 2022. 

We also have a great track record with getting traffic for our clients, too. 





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