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Can you run CBD ads on Facebook or Google?

Can you run CBD ads on Facebook or Google?

Every advertiser in the play day of Facebook ads has tried to run hemp and marijuana ads on FB. Most advertiser probably went "aw fuck," when they saw their ads get disapproved. Disapprovals were common for everything, CBD, medical marijuana, hemp bracelets, CBD isolate...even jewelry shaped like a marijuana leaf. Let's take a look at how things have changed. I know, because back in the day, I was one of the few advertisers who could get CBD products approved on Facebook.

Facebook ads

Can you advertise medical marijuana or recreational marijuana? No.

Can you advertise hemp products, supplements, and other products? The answer is convoluted. Here is a rule that will help you always be right. You cannot advertise your product if it contains the addictive parts of the plant. An extreme example: You have a toe ring and the toe ring comes with a cleaning solution that contains pure THC oil; you cannot advertise this product.

Can you advertise CBD isolate? According to the FB ad policy, you cannot advertise anything with CBD. ButI got a CBD isolate product advertised by saying: "CBD isolate contains no addictive or illegal part of the plant." That worked.

The rule for hemp that always works: You cannot make a claim that your product treats, cures, or diagnoses diseases. 

Advertising marijuana, hemp, and CBD on Google

Remember all the drama with rehab advertising on FB and Google? Google banned rehab ads. Eventually, they created the Google and Facebook police...a company called LegitScript. I'm not saying that LegitScript isn't a good service; they drive around the country and certify rehab centers and other merchant programs. It's a totally legit service, but it seems like something the government should do. Depending on the service, you call LegitScript, pay for an expensive ass inspection, and can run ads for your business. If you're a huge company, it's a drop in the bucket. But for a small business, like a dispensary, you are kind of stuck. 

Can you advertise medical marijuana with Google Ads? No.

Can you advertise topical products with CBD in them on Google ads? Yes. But you have no idea if your product will get approved. A CBD medication approved by the FDA? No. A supplement? No. A topical that even remotely says "This treats pain, anxiety or stress? No.

The good news with Google is that you can promote CBD topicals if you've given LegitScript a call. If you sell 1-5 CBD products, LegitScript charges $1,650. If you sell a $10 topical, you will have to sell 160 products to recoup the cost. 

Hemp is free game on anything. 



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