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How It Works

You've already arrived at our website because you have questions about your website. Are you not ranking for a keyword that you'd like? Is your conversion rate not as high as you'd like? We don't have a silver bullet for everything, but we have the expertise to help you solve your problems. Here is how our services work:

  1. Purchase the desired consultative service from our website and select a time. Please pick a timeframe 1 business day in the future. 
  2. When you make your purchase, we'll reach out to you within a few hours to ask you for access to the following: Search Console Access, Google Analytics Access, Facebook Ads Manager and Pixel, Google Ads Account.
  3.  If you need to reschedule, we'll allow you the option of two reschedules. 
  4. You'll get a detailed writeup that we will review on your consultative session. 

As we've said, we don't have a silver bullet for everything. But, we will do our best to help you improve your marketing! We don't offer services directly, outside of our FB and PPC ads management, but we can refer you to someone who will do a good job. We do have some basic SEO packages to help you get the ball rolling on your small business website or e-commerce store! 

What Comes With Our SEO Services

We try and be 100% transparent with our SEO services. You get everything that is included in the description of the product that you have purchased. However, there are a few things that go into your SEO package that are included on every plan.

  1. A website audit where we review your website in its current state. We will complete this BEFORE your onboarding call and we can review it together. 
  2. An onboarding call where we review your goals with you, your choice keywords, and some of the most important products that you want us to work on as part of your package.
  3. A weekly update so that you know where we are with your current package.
  4. A follow-up report and call after we have completed your SEO package. 
  5. Another follow-up call and report 30 days after your package has concluded so that we can see where you are at. 

There are a few things that we want to remind you of as you work with us. SEO is not an "overnight" result. It takes us 30 days to complete one of our SEO packages and another 30 days to see measurable results. Our SEO packages are designed to set you up for success in the future. Here is what you can typically expect:

  1. During the first few weeks of our SEO campaign, you will start noticing small changes on your website where we optimize your URLs, work on your title tags, and meta descriptions. 
  2. If we are creating new pages for your website, you can typically expect to see these new pages in a Word Document format so that you can review them. 
  3. After 30 days, you will get a link to your guest blog article so that you can see how this impacts your overall SEO.
  4. For your DA20 or DA30 backlink we will ask you what is your most important keyword. This will be included in the anchor text of your guest blog backlink and we'll point it to the corresponding page of your website that is optimized for that keyword. In about 2 months (after you purchase your package), you should start seeing some keyword rankings.
  5. Lastly, you can always check back in with us whenever you want if you have any questions.




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