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Our Website Audit

Is The Website Content Secure and Accessible?  

Our security and accessibility audit reviews multiple facets of your website. Are you using the correct type of SSL to take credit card payments? Are you using the right type of URL structure to make sure that your content is easily found by search engines? We can even identify some of the hidden errors that are keeping your website from being found or indexed by search engines.

Websites need to like your content! You could have GREAT content, but sometimes, certain keywords need to be used in a certain way. We can help you with your titles, meta descriptions, and other content on your website so that you rank in Google better.

Do Search Engines LIKE The Content Of Your Website?

Link Austerity

Backlinks, websites that mention yours, are vital to ranking in Google. We'll show you how to find links for your website and we'll look at your backlink profile to help you learn how you can rank for your most important keywords. There could also be links that are hurting your website, causing pages of your website to be de-indexed. Our link audit is the most important part of the process.

Do you get a ton of traffic but very few people make purchases or become leads on our website? We can help you figure out WHY people are not making purchases on your website. We can also help you construct a funnel so that your website performs better. It could be as simple as the language and headlines on your website or the number of clicks that it takes people to find forms or products on your website.

Performance Audit

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