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Should You Buy PBN Backlinks Cheap?

PBN Backlinks. Usually, the words "cheap" and "fast" go hand in hand for a track to a disaster. For link building services that sell cheap links, these help them sustain their cash cow. For individual webmasters, the act of building dozens of websites and maintaining them is time consuming. 

What Are PBN Backlinks? 

Exactly what is a PBN backlink? PBN stands for "private blog network." 

Essentially, someone will go out and buy a whole bunch of expired domains. That person will then write some generic, boilerplate content and then link the sites together. Then, they will link the website to the one that they want to rank. Here is a picture of what a PBN looks like.


What happens when you buy cheap PBN backlinks? 

Google is smart. If you are an individual webmaster maintaining a PBN, They don't tell us how they find PBNs, but it's likely one or several of these signals:

  • The websites have the same technical footprint (i.e. they all use the same CMS, design, etc.)
  • They use the same technological infrastructure (i.e. they have similar IP addresses).
  • They often use the same code. 
  • All the websites were expired domains at one point. 

Here is what happens if you are mass producing PBNs. 

To overcome this, you will have to physically take down the websites OR do a disavow. Unfortunately, it takes a LOT of time to come back from a manual penalty. Even if you take down the links, you're going to have some problems recovering the traffic. 

If you are using a backlinking service, they may be using PBN links to sustain their insatiable demand. You are probably not paying $150 per pop at a scale large enough to trigger a manual penalty, but one bad link might trigger a penalty. 


What's Better Than Buying Cheap PBN Backlinks? 

We've developed a better way to help you with your backlinking problem. We've developed a way to build backlinks at scale to help you rank better and faster, without the risk of a Google Penalty. Here's how it works.

  1. We take three URLs from your website and the keywords you want to rank for.
  2. We go out and write some content and post them on trustworthy websites. 
  3. We make sure that those articles have links to the important pages on your website.
  4. The posts we write? Well, we go out and get some backlinks for those. 

We use a natural way to get these backlinks. We don't have a PBN and we use ranking signals to make sure that your webpages don't get penalized. More importantly, we don't focus on high DA (Moz DA and Ahrefs DR are metrics that can easily be faked by link building companies. 

If you want to give our core backlinks a try, here is a little bit more about how they work. 

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